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Some titles say it all, like Happy Holiday Company or A to B Transport. Well we aim to do what it says on the logo - Bible Teaching for a New Generation. We aim to help a new generation understand the Bible. We have for many years offered dynamic interactive Bible teaching lessons to schools in Scotland. Some of the rsources used can be found here.


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Ultimate Adventure Cards is a new resource that we have recently developed for use with kids. It is a series of collecting cards designed to teach Bible characters and events. The cards cover 120 Bible characters, 60 from the Old Testament and 60 from the New Testament. Ultimate Adventure Cards are designed; to be collected in sets, to increase knowledge of Bible characters, to encourage kids to find answers from the Bible, to enable kids to play trumps game. Did I mention that there are rare Gold & Silver Shinies to be collected! Reduced pricing for 2016  
Ultimate Adventure Cards can be used as a low cost reward system for your children's work. They encourage attendance, participation and attention while further teaching valuable facts about Bible characters. For more information visit the resources area of this site.  

Bible Alive   Ultimate Adventure Bible Exhibition

Bible Alive is an interactive Bible teaching programme developed by an experienced team of schools workers specifically for Primary School aged kids. Bible Alive has proven very popular with pupils and teachers alike having been taught in over 40 schools across Scotland. There are now several Bible Alive Activators working in North East Scotland schools. More info in the What We Do menu.


If you want a visualy dynamic, interesting and interactive introduction to the Bible then look out for the Ultimate Adventure Bible Exhibition. An exciting journey of discovery through the Bible. Designed, manufactured and based in the North East, the Ultimate Adventure Bible Exhibition takes you on a chronological walk through the Bible introducing you to the main stories and characters. More info in the What We Do menu.






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